Oracle 19c RAC (Grid Infrastructure) Installation.

Oracle 19c has upgraded some of the minimum requirements such as the operating system distribution, packages, and other software requirements for Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. A default Linux installation includes most of the required packages and helps you limit manual verification of package dependencies. Oracle does not support Leaf nodes in 19c. In Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19cRead more about Oracle 19c RAC (Grid Infrastructure) Installation.[…]

Rollback Segment Count settings in Oracle Database

One caveat of altering _rollback_segment_count to a higher value and reducing is that Oracle will never drop/remove newly created rollback segments. The segments will be OFFLINE after you restart the database. I just did some experiments with _rollback_segment_count in Primary/Standby environment. From Primary, we can see _rollback_segment_count is set to 0 and 11 rollback segmentsRead more about Rollback Segment Count settings in Oracle Database[…]