Oracle 19c RAC (Grid Infrastructure) Installation.

Oracle 19c has upgraded some of the minimum requirements such as the operating system distribution, packages, and other software requirements for Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. A default Linux installation includes most of the required packages and helps you limit manual verification of package dependencies. Oracle does not support Leaf nodes in 19c. In Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19cRead more about Oracle 19c RAC (Grid Infrastructure) Installation.[…]

RAC node not joining cluster – Grid Interprocess Communication (GIPC)

GIPC is daemon used for inter-process communication between the nodes. This also support Redundant Interconnect Usage. GIPC Daemon (gipcd.bin)has an end point ‘gipcha://nodename:xxx’. You can see this in the below log entry. 2019-03-14 23:26:56.429 : GIPCGEN:718243584: gipcRequestSaveInfo: client took long time 2300 ms for consuming request 0x7fbc2407e530 [000000001b23a413] { gipcReceiveRequest : peerName ‘gipcha://stone:nm2_primcluster/ed1f-1959-1be4-9d99’, data 0x7fbc24092df8,Read more about RAC node not joining cluster – Grid Interprocess Communication (GIPC)[…]

Oracle Grid Control Grid control Installation

This article is about installing Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Release1 using an existing database. Grid Control 11g uses WebLogic Server instead of OC4J which was traditional with Grid Control versions 10.1 and 10.2; Grid Control 11g will deploy from an existing Weblogic Server during the Grid Control Installation. Hardware Requirements This is the extract fromRead more about Oracle Grid Control Grid control Installation[…]